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**** If you've just arrived from listening to the May 2017 "Discover Buxton" podcast, and want to read more about RS8, click on the main menu link "RS8" which will generate pages with all the articles about that loco ****

The title was adopted when in Summer 2010 I decided to expand the readership of my blog by launching it on Pete Waterman's erstwhile "Railnuts" site. Prior to this it had been only available to a very limited few and without illustration. When, in April 2012, Pete Waterman decided to take "Railnuts" to Facebook, I was faced with the option of reverting to its previous clandestine status, or giving it its own presence on the web, and chose the latter.

But I suppose I should tell you what "Weekend Rails" is all about. This is primarily a week-by-week report on the work my son and I put in on his loco collection* - currently 19 standard gauge diesel locomotives - and which takes up a significant part of our lives. You will read the highs and the lows with little or no censorship, but with, I hope, an element of humour and common-sense. From time-to-time we also get to other places and you will read of this too.

*You can read about the collection as a whole by clicking HERE

Due to the actions of those individuals who have the skills but not the common sense of when to use those skills, Weekend Rails does not have a Comments feature, however we are happy to receive messages from you - please use the Contact form. I do publish some that seem particularly apposite.

You can click on the RSS feed (top right on any blog posting) to be notified of new postings, which are normally written on Sunday nights as the Weekend is fresh in our minds. Bank Holiday weekends though, assume Monday!

And with that, dive in and enjoy!

Pete Briddon

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