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avatar-Weekend Rails is a blog site I created to post updates and information about my son's private collection of 19 standard gauge diesel locomotives and other preserved railway vehicles. I manage the blog and my son's own website in my spare time, when not working at my own business, Pete Briddon Industrial Railway Specialist.

My son's collection - Andrew Briddon Locos - is spread across a number of preserved railways and details of the locos & other vehicles can be found on Andrew's web site - HERE.

Weekend Rails will frequently reflect on the work Andrew, (my wife) Steph, Andrew's friend Terry and I do on the locos and other vehicles in the collection and the trials and tribulations involved in getting that work done.

If you are looking for something in particular, please use the Search in top right hand corner of site and pick from the Tag list to be taken straight to that post, or get there by clicking the relevant month/year in the Blog Categories.

Due to the activities of those who have the skills but not the common sense of when to apply those skills, the Commenting system per post is disabled but we would be delighted to hear from you, please use the Contact page instead.

We all hope you enjoy reading the posts in the blog. if you wish to be informed regularly of updates, please click on the RSS feed (top right on any blog posting) to be notified of new postings, which are normally written on Sunday nights as the weekend is fresh in our minds.

If you have enjoyed reading these blog entries, you might also enjoy my novel 'The Railway to Merhead' - a light-hearted tale of ameteurs taking over a branch line in the 1960s. Available from Amazon, or from the author. at £11.95 plus £3 p&p. Payment can be accepted by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal. Use the Contact page to place an order.img4349bloghdr

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