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Monday, 18 June 2012 01:00

Of Telford & Tata

January 2011

So, this is what 2011 looks like. Ah well, just the same as 2010 to me. During the week, I put a new page up on Andrew’s website, offering “souvenirs” from D9500. For what true Heritage Diesel fan’s home is complete without a genuine, certified piston or half-bearing shell, the latter even offered on polished wood plinth with engraved label? What a shame he didn’t think of it before Christmas….

Published in 2011 Jan-Mar
Monday, 18 June 2012 01:00

Of G.Is and Rolls'

23rd January 2011

Saturday: Andrew was away again, but Mrs B (well, having earned her disapprobration by depicting her in last week’s blog, I had better henceforward refer to her as Steph,) and I had planned on a quiet day on the 14’s troublesome window frames. Rowsley was very quiet – save for two young men dressed as American GIs who appeared to be patrolling the station site. I was tempted to point out that it is still 7 months to the Warring 40s event at Peak Rail but concluded that there was really no reason to intefere. After all, they had guns.

Published in 2011 Jan-Mar

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