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Of Plywood and sawdust

16th January 2011

Andrew was back at his girl friend’s for Saturday so Mrs B and I concentrated on some tidying up. A rare day indeed that we are not in some way working on the locos, so it was savoured like a rare wine. But Sunday it was back to normal, Mrs B and I loaded up the van and headed over to Rowsley where Andrew would later join us.

The original class 14 cupboard has now returned to its rightful place

With14 901s pegboard all but finished, the attention was to turn to the window surrounds, but first I knelt on the cab desk, and paid homage to the Great God Cupboard. Having given it a light spray of primer earlier to stop the bare metal rusting, it was time to refit it to the loco, to await a cosmetic lick of Buttermilk paint in due course. Mrs B was preparing to cut some of the remaining edgings out of 6mm ply, but having set up the transformer and a 110V extension up to the loco, I squeezed the trigger of the jigsaw and – nothing. Eventually I took the transformer and jigsaw over into the shed and having found immediately that it worked there, I concluded that the external socket I was using was out of action, and what better excuse to start the loco up and move it nearer the shed, as I had insufficient cable to hook up anywhere else. So as I gently moved 14 901 back towards the shed, Andrew arrived.

...OK, you've seen it before, so?

Under Mrs B’s direction I was soon cutting furiously with the jigsaw, producing strangely shaped bits which, by the natural law of cussedness, ought to butt up together nicely but in reality, won’t. Nonetheless, armed with Surform, sandpaper and stubbornness, Mrs B will in due course make them look half decent and liberally varnish them.

Stephanie marking out ply to cut

Andrew meanwhile, had succesfuly ambushed Rob complete with his JCB, and so managed to get some of the scrap bits sorted ready to be loaded some time in the near future for disposal. There’s even in there a screw coupling, which we accidentally bought off e-bay, but must have been sat half-buried for some years as its screw thread is seriously corroded. But even at £5 it looks like current scrap value might make him a quid on the deal.

Oh, and the sawdust? Well, after all the cutting of pegboard, and now ply, the floor and desk of 14 901’s cab is taking on the mantle of a sawmill, with sawdust piling up anywhere. Going have to take a vacuum cleaner to it at this rate…

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