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Of one day of in-tent work

4th December 2011

As Andrew was away until Sunday morning, there has only been one day on the collection this week. With a close eye on the weather forecast, we reckoned we had to go to Scunthorpe to ensure all was ready for the movement of D2128’s casing parts to Sheffield for shotblasting, plus other bits, so within an hour of his arriving home, he had breakfasted, changed, loaded the van and we were on our way.

As advised, the flat wagon was sat next to D2128 and we were soon getting things organised. I again fitted the two base plates to the radiator as I had had a suspicion that a measurement was wrong somewhere and yes, summat had gone awry. so off came the plates and after a repeat dimension check they were re-drilled and refitted to the rad. Meanwhile after spray painting up some of the various bits we’d brought over, Andrew had humped the transmission oil reservoir for “Beverley” and given it a coat of red primer. This tank has not been mentioned in these pages – yet it has been sat, mostly in where we call the boiler room at Briddon Towers for couple of years now.

After satisfying myself that the re-drilled plates now fitted and determining the resultant bolt centres for the a/v mounts, it was logical for me to drill the pads to suit, but as Andrew was using the 110V extension inside to clean up the second of the two oil tanks we’d brought over – the squat one for D2128 – I instead removed the side casing doors from the flat and stashed them in the palvan. These doors are aluminium and I had been worried that if they had seemed unwanted, they might have migrated on their own. Better that they are now safe and secure.

img 0464 small
The oil reservoir tank for D2128 is now almost ready

Andrew announced that the 110 was free as he was now wielding a paint brush. The forward section of the 03 is still under a tarpaulin, and with a cold wind blowing it seemed a good idea to leave it there, so I set up the inspection lamp and worked inside the “tent”. First job though was to fit the front PTO adaptor, to check everything fitted. The tapped holes you can see will carry the drive through a torsional coupling on to a drive shaft and then to various pulleys.

img 0462 small
The front PTO adaptor is now on the Cummins

Then after a bit of toing and froing, I backmarked the first of the pads and mounted the first a/v rad mount, before setting up the second with the first secured. By now Andrew was impatiently waiting for me, having blacked the cab sections inside and out that had been primed last time and wanting to do the same to the front where I was.

img 0463 small
And the first of the radiator a/v mounts is temporarily fixed in place

I got on with some sorting and tidying but Andrew had one more job to do before we went home, and it was at least inside in the warm. The oil cooler for “Beverley” we suspected was the source of sump contamination with coolant that has occurred when the loco was last run. Unfortunately, one of the 5 bolts holding the cooler in place is behind the supercharger and cannot be reached with any spanner known to man, so about a year ago we took it off with a view to changing it for a brand new core. That came from an e-bay seller ages ago, and during the week, I had ordered up the various joints and seals to complete the job. With the cooler now back in place (minus a screw or two for the moment) Andrew’s plan is to do a coolant test and see if any migrates into the sump, and if it passes that test, reassemble the supercharger drive and get it going again.

Before and after on the oil cooler

So Saturday left to me, I had an easy weekend, huh? Yes, perhaps, but while Andrew is off earning a crust tomorrow, guess who is back at Scunthorpe at 08.00 sharp to meet the haulier and oversee the transport?

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