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Of bits and brakes

15th August 2011

We already knew that Andrew would be away on Saturday attending a birthday party. so I was to have one of those extremely rare things, a free weekend day. For once I was to escape rail activity, but to make up for it, we slipped over to Rowsley Friday night in order to reposition a few locos to make them more readily accessible for a long day on Sunday.

An unlikely trio

Sunday: Arriving at Rowsley we gently relocated The Brush 0-6-0DE and class 14 D9500 nearer to the shed as otherwise we would be churning up Peak Rail’s carefully tended grass borders. In doing so, we were prevailed on to dispose of an unexpended blank round left overe from the 40s weekend under Charlie’s wheels. It was to be a sociable day, for not only had Terry been coaxed out of bed to do a bit of cutting, but we were to be joined by Les and Dan (The Bolton Abbey Bovver Boys) recovering bits for Embsay’s D9513 and Chris Duckers and fiancee on a social call. Andrew has found himself elected to be their Best Man at their forthcoming nuptials. I think I’d pay a few bob to see Andrew in a really good suit AND making a speech…

A serious planning meeting?

After a serious conference work began, Terry donning flame retardant overalls and adjourning into the rear compartment of D9500 where the main task was to release the frame that carries the compressor and air receivers and coincidentally obstructs the auxiliary generator underneath. These important parts (if you possess a ‘normal’ 110V class 14 that is) have long since been sold, merely awaiting removal, as D9500, provided it remains under our auspices, will almost certainly end up as 24V like 14 901.

Terry goes after a recalcitrant nut

While Les and Dan - recovering bits - seem to have gained a foot.

Terry could not remain too long, so we hurried him on to the Drewry, whose handbrake shaft had been bent during loading at Elsecar last year and there was a 50/50 chance of heating and straightening it. And straighten it did, but sadly the thread distorted in the process and a new one will now be cut by Peak Rail’s CME Paul Wainwright, just as soon as we can extract the rest of the shaft, complete with brake column. And that of course, means taking up the floor.

Terry contemplates how to tackle the Drewry

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