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26th September 2010

I have been doing a lot for Andrew this week. For starters having agreed to Plan B for the air cleaners on the ‘14, I started looking for a suitable modern rectangular air cleaner element. I identified 3 from my old Fleetguard catalogue, but a quick call showed that one was obsolete and the others had not been sold in the UK for years.

I therefore put a call in to a contact in the technical side at what is now Cummins Filtration, and he came back with a suitable element – roughly 18” square and 5 deep – that is more modern and selling in sufficient number to be worth adopting. So I ordered one and set about drawing up an enclosure to fit the loco. Andrew also gave me the OK to set about re-creating the distinctive casing-top ventilators. These were all removed on 14 901 and although sources tell us that they are the same as something fitted to “modern” d.m.u stock (Andrew thinks they might be the same as the toilet vent on a 150) a simple look-alike fabrication makes as much sense, so with a large close-up photo of a genuine vent at my side, I created a simple one suitable for short-run fabrication. By Friday I was placing a “bumper bundle” order into my profiles supplier, covering parts for four different locos plus one or two bits of special tooling.

On Tuesday night Andrew and I went over to Rowsley – a shortish visit to change starters on the fluorescents in the VBA (and got another to work) but gave me time to check a few dimensions on the front of the DV8.

I had booked a van for the weekend – my clients’ spring was ready and Saturday was allocated to re-visiting site and swopping back my loaned spring for their original, now with all 11 leaves restored. Andrew went to the Mid Norfolk railway’s gala event (with his girl friend) leaving Sunday for yet another mass-moving session. So it was back to Elsecar Sunday morning, loading the van with almost all the remaining parts, and passing a few minutes with some sane members sorry to see us go – Andrew’s Railway Magazine article was on the messroom table. After a brief stop at home we continued on to Rowsley, and he received a call from the railway asking if he was coming over today, as someone was asking for him. He was non-plussed: I suggested that now his name had been given such prominence in Railway Magazine, maybe he was becoming a celebrity. Next he’ll be being asked to preside over railway openings and exhibitions… Shortly after we arrived, the mystery was solved when the owner of S&G Video Productions appeared to present him with a free copy of “Peak Rail Miscellany Vol 14” which features the “Anything Goes Gala” from July and has much footage of 14 901 (and even me). Actually I had already bought a copy from the Peak Rail shop (and well worth the modest £6.99 asking price) but maybe my Dad would appreciate a copy. He promised to let us have a copy of the out-takes, as he happpened to be at Church Lane when D9525’s problems had unintentionally stopped the freight! We continued unloading most of the van’s contents into the VBA and exploring D9500 (the first of the class 14s) now parked outside the Heritage Shunters shed alongside D2337.

D9500 by D2337

On Monday 14 901 is due to haul the rail crane down to Darley Dale in conection with the planned rewheeling of RSH 0-6-0T “Zebedee” – I might just make it down and get some photos

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