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August drags on

22nd August 2010

On Monday night Andrew had us pop back over to Rowsley and fire up the ‘14 so that he could set up the rpm range again. We were there barely half-an-hour but that meant that I could return on Thursday afternoon to start driver training, but forgot my camera so no photos of it shuffling around Rowsley re-arranging wagons.

I have spent a considerable amount of time this week trying to finalise the best a/v mounts for the power unit – hopefully they will be on order in the next few days but without the bracketry Andrew will have to leave re-mounting the engine for several more weeks.

Saturday: Andrew was back from Norwich Crown Point Friday night and I had the spring-change job confirmed so while I took a hired van south with assorted jacks, packing and a Yorkshire 13 leaf spring which was dimensionally near the spring on the loco (should be 11 but was running with only 7.5 left), Andrew headed up to Derwent Valley to do some more preparation work on “James”. With all that has been going on over the last few weeks, plus work commitments, he was very tired so got little practical work done (even forgot to take the fuel pump) but the atmosphere up there is apparently less doom and gloom as some sort of deal has been hammered out with the Yorkshire Farming Museum (their landlords) and passenger trains are due to resume over August Bank.

Sunday: Andrew and I headed up to Elsecar to start removing some of the smaller bits, starting with his MIG welder, two exhausters, one compressor, etc, etc all bound for the VBA at Rowsley. The time at Elsecar was pleasantly quiet – a Board meeting was taking place in the CCT and it would seem that Board members now out-number “regular” volunteers! The van then headed to Rowsley where Rob Sanders fired up the JCB and lifted most of the heavies into the VBA, but although I had hoped to catch up with Roger Hallat and do a bit of driver training on 14 901, it was a no-show. In the VBA were some of the bits we had earlier removed from the Gullick Dobson tamper, which now belongs to the DDNGRs Dave T, so we passed them over. Dave was struggling to coax any life into his Hunslet 0-4-0DH, so while Henry FJ asked my advice about oil dilution in the 40DL Ruston, Andrew started bleeding the Hunslet through and I joined him later. It was no joy though – the fuel pump seems very half-hearted and there is next to no resistance on the stop-lever. The tappets may need adjustment but a change of fuel pump seems first thing to do.

Andrew later professed that he had enjoyed the day – amazing how a bit of work on someone else’s loco can be therapeutic

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